Retirement Plan Fidicuiary Services

KISC Keeps It Simple!

Keep It Simple Consulting (KISC) attacks every aspect of its efforts with simplicity. Simple is better for all concerned. Simple works when relationships are honest, have integrity, and want results.

KISC Revitalizes Qualified Retirement Plans

KISC Revitalizes Retirement Plans. Revitalization is our approach because, in our opinion, few Retirement Plans meet Plan Sponsor and Participant needs and expectations, and therefore need to be Revitalized.

KISC, Fiduciary or Co-Fiduciary

KISC takes responsibility with our clients. We work with the client to create an environment allowing everyone to succeed. Plan Fiduciaries learn their responsibilities and therefore risk exposure thereby operating in ways to limit exposure. In doing so, they improve the way the Plan benefits Participants.

KISC's Clients are Plan Fiduciaries and Plan Sponsors

KISC does not work directly with participants. Instead, using Behavioral Economics concepts creates an investing environment nudging participants to become self sufficient in retirement.

KISC is an Asset Based, Fee Only Registered Investment Adviser

As can be seen in its Sample Contract, Fee Disclosure Statement, and Form ADV, KISC is fee compensated by the Plan based on quarter end assets. This approach eliminates any Conflicts of Interest.

Adviser compensation can be paid in many ways. To highlight a few:

  1. Explicitly by the Plan Sponsor – i.e., a flat retainer, hourly charges, or a price for each service, etc.
  2. Implicitly by Fund Revenue Sharing, or generally undisclosed payments from funds as a reward for directing assets to them, etc.
  3. Implicitly through arrangements with plan vendors, or through participant access (selling participants directly other products such as annuities, or specialty insurance like Long Term Care)
  4. Explicitly or Implicitly through commissions based on Plan level or individual financial transactions.

KISC receives no other compensation other than explicitly described – no commissions, no referral fees, no rebates, no revenue sharing.

KISC is Neither a Broker Nor Insurance Agent

Again, to eliminate Conflicts of Interest, KISC does not (and can not) accept commissions, referral fees, or anything similar.

KISC does not sell participant information. In fact, it is KISC’s desire to never meet directly with participants. We do not believe that expense (every service has an expense), paid by the participant, is a valuable use of resources.

KISC, LLC IARD# 286634 is registered as an investment adviser in Colorado. Such registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

Current Form ADV Parts 2A and 2B, which provides information about the qualifications and business practices of KISC, LLC, is available for download under the Documents and Articles tab.