While business development slows in December, that doesn’t mean you kicked your feet up to relax. December closes the year. And, if there has ever been a better year to close, I certainly can’t think of one! KISC recommendsyou send 2020 down the sewer.Join us to start 2021 with a bang of wonderful!

So how does a Fiduciary define wonderful?

Well,here’s my example.During my annual family insurance review (acting as the family fiduciary), I asked my agent:“Am I over insured or under insured?”

The response:“Would you like to insure xyz?”

Risk/Reward factors into the fiduciary led insurance dialogue, so my response:“How much?“

“$90 per year.”

Hmmm, I think the risk/reward is probably not there.I hear typing in the background, and my agent comes back on the line, “if you were to choose to insure xyz you would get a multi policy discount.”

“And what is the discount?”


“Wait a minute, you give me a discount bigger than the premium? . . .What’s the catch?”

“No Catch.”

“The insurer will pay me to insure xyz?”

“Well,No. We don’t “pay” you;thediscount will be reflected in your premium.”

“Sweet!SIGN ME UP!”

How about them apples? The insurer paid me to mitigate a risk!

Sowhat if KISC offers you, the 401(k) Fiduciary,a similararrangement? KISC will mitigate your risk and the Plan will financially BENEFIT!

As with most everything, nothing is free.So, you dig for discounts.

Here’s the deal, KISC dug for you. Acting as your independent, conflict free, §3(38)-investment manager, KISC takes on the investment lineup fiduciary duty while KISC reduces Planexpenses.Therefore,KISC relieves you of this Fiduciary Duty and its associated risk.KISC offers you what was offered to me: more protection for less expense. Literally KISC offers to “pay” you to mitigate your fiduciary risk!